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Many times a business success and growth depends on the implementation of the correct point of sale systems. It is a much better option to the old manual record keeping method, as these systems are automated and can manage to track sales, manage clients, check inventory and more.

The team at Sparsh communications developed systems that fit right into your business model smoothly and improve the efficiency of the happenings. We provide an overall point to point sales system that come with finance and accounting modules, along with the personnel and sales tracking. Since every business has its own requirements, we come up with customized solutions that work with all.

ERP solutions generally help you to handle all the process of your business, along with making sure everything is run smoothly and aligned with other aspects. Since there is an integration required through various phases, the outcome is more refined.

Our ERP solutions experts help you integrate smoothly with systems in the firm as required. No matter the size of the firm (small, medium or large organizations), we will make sure your numbers are controlled in a better manner, with more efficiency and competitiveness. Sparsh ERP solutions tend to work effortlessly through LAN and the internet as they are multi tier based applications. Moreover, the systems can be used to generate data, reports, statistical models and much more.


Odoo ( Previously known as OpenERP) is the next Generation of Cloud ERP System that will Simplify your Business Process. Odoo is an all-in-one business software capable of covering all business needs, including CRM, Website/e-Commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse- and project management, and inventory, all seamlessly integrated.

Sparsh provide services starting from implementation, customisation and technical support for Odoo ERP system. We will assist you on the development on the system and we provide comprehensive step to ensure every of your business processes is automated.


Erpnext is the most user-friendly system to help you to take control of your business. It is suitable for small to medium businesses in retail, services, distribution and Manufacturing.

Sparsh provides, implementation, customisation and technical support for ERpnext.

An IT strategy that is robust is the need of the day even in the education industry. The world is so demanding that everything needs to be done with speed, efficiency and flexibility. This is why we help you with application development, integrations and managing various business processes according to the campus being focused on.

We come up with solutions that help the schools and colleges manage their overall operations in the most cost effective manner. Our resources are very knowledge and carry out systematic research before coming up with tailored solutions for your campus, which are generally a complete end to end automation. We ensure that these systems are easy to use, user friendly, attractive and efficient at the same time.

Managing all the aspects manually of a real estate firm can be quite a tedious procedure; therefore with the advancements in technology we are able to automate the process. This had made it easier, not only for the selling, but for those looking to invest as well. A complete end to end management system which aims to handle all the investments and assets in an effective manner is our forte.

Sparsh communications assists you in developing, as well as maintaining your overall real estate portfolio. We take pride in the fact that industry owners trust us in coming up with management solutions for them and increase their visibility in this competitive market. Our core expertise lies in property management, forecasting, asset valuation, portfolio management, budgeting and more.