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Machine Learning Services and Solutions

Sparsh Communications is a global software development company, as a part of their service they are offering top class Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services for their client’s businesses in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of the world.


As we know that in recent years, most of the top companies giving top priority to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence because they help the business owners to take the better business decisions. Machine learning is part of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and it enables the computers to perform the task on its own rather than depending on others inputs.


Sparsh Communications cutting edge custom machine learning solutions, helping the organizations while processing, high volumes of data and with the help of sophisticated algorithms where a machine can make a decision on its own to perform a task by themselves. Our machine learning services empower the organizations in business process automation and faster decision making, which leads to quality production.

In the Financial Industry



Our pioneer Machine Learning services help the finance business owners in fraud detection, portfolio management, insurance/ loan underwriting and sentiment analysis. By making use of advanced algorithms they analyze and find the hidden opportunities to get more profits.

Marketing Industry


Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions in the Marketing industry helps the entrepreneur’s to know the exact requirements of the customers well in advance.

For Sales Industry


Our Machine Learning Services helps the sales industry in:


  • Predict customer needs
  • Interpret customer data
  • Sales forecasting
  • Efficient transactional sales
  • Sales communication


Our expert data scientist team will understand your business requirements thoroughly and offers the potential machine learning solutions for your business and our expert team will follow the below steps:


  • Analyzing the machine learning requirements and needs of your firm
  • We offer the skilled resources to determine the machine learning models
  • Integrate and design Machine learning solutions for your business

Sparsh Communications has expertise knowledge on


  • Self-optimization
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Computational Learning Theory
  • Mathematical Optimization
  • Nature-inspired Algorithms