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IoT Solutions

In the current IT market, the IoT is emerging as the future technology and it is playing a remarkable important role in connecting everything and everyone. The Internet of Things can be a valuable factor in boosting the trend of, connected with devices, smart machines, wireless networks, products and many more. A recent prediction that by end of year 2020 over $25 Billion are connected “things”. With IoT the Industries, enterprises and homes are becoming smarter and much better than ever before and it combines the online and physical worlds and generates the new possibilities for companies and enterprises.

Sparsh Communications offers the end to end internet of things solutions to our client businesses and it helps them to develop in digital transformation which can be used to perform data driven proactive business decisions in their organizations to improve the productivity and efficiency. Simply by enabling IoT solutions in business most our customers are transforming their workspace into a smart environment which enables them to increase in the productivity and also giving an opportunity to explore advanced innovative business models.

Sparsh Communications IoT solution and services help our customers and creates a unique transformation in the way they interact with their belongings. It provides critical data and advanced analytics, which helps to guess the next possible occurrence well in advance to diagnose the cause, to gain more control over the business.

Our IoT consulting services includes:



  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Smart service automation
  • AI-led predictive algorithms
  • Connect and scale with efficiency
  • Analyze and Act on new data
  • Standardization & Transformation
  • Improve decision making with Predictive maintenance


Areas Where We Offered Trusted IoT Solutions


The unique IoT solutions offer at Sparsh Communications which helps our customers to analyze and process the business data to analyze which data will work for the future and what to ignore. Key benefits we can expect in the manufacturing industry with our IoT consulting services:


  • Simply by lowering maintenance cost it Improves production yield
  • Advanced predictive modeling helps to avoid efficiency loss well in advance
  • Streamlines all the data for future

Connectivity with Smartphones


Sparsh Communications IoT consulting services provide an opportunity to control and monitor the functionalities like real-time tracking and geofencing can be monitored with the help of smartphones.

IoT Solutions for Smart Cities


Our Smart city IoT solutions which include smart lighting, vehicle tracking, medical wearables, sensors and systems. It helps us in the data streaming which helps them to take complete control over the:


  • Transportation issues
  • Public assets and infrastructure
  • Energy efficiency
  • Citizen services

IoT-enabled smart living


Improve the quality of living simply by balancing the emerging technologies which are designed for happier and safer environment. Our IoT solutions are extended to Wearables, Security and Healthcare.

Smart IoT Solution for Homes and Enterprises


We develop the IoT enabled innovative solution for Homes and enterprises where it connects the people with machines and information, perform the below tasks in a secured ecosystem.


  • Home security and monitoring
  • Lightening and curtain management
  • Energy management
  • Home appliance connectivity and control

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