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Data Science Consulting Services

Sparsh Communications is one of the best data science consulting firm and it offers the real world data analytics solutions to their clients based on the business requirements of current and future. By maintaining the careful balance of advanced analytical tools and data science methods our professional team helped many customers by predicting insight from their data and it plays a crucial role in the future business decisions.

At Sparsh Communications, by applying statistical analysis, machine learning, data engineering and data visualization techniques On clients’ data, we will develop the advanced analytics strategies and it leads to the pace of innovation new business verdicts.

Data science approaches



Our Systematic data science approaches:

  • Data Mining Classification and Prediction
  • Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing
  • Time series forecasting methods
  • Cluster Analysis and Segmentation
  • A process of Statistical Hypothesis Testing


Implementing Data Science



By implementing data science as a service below are the few areas where we could offer best services:

  • Marketing demographics and product recommendation
  • Competitor product prediction models
  • Fraudulent activity algorithms
  • Data Driven Strategy Development Workshops
  • Loyalty Which Maximize Customer Retention
  • Back order and supply chain predictive analytics
  • New customer acquisition and marketing strategy


Simply Accessing


Simply by accessing a pool of resources our data scientist team will analyze and identifies the successful data solutions which help our customers to predict the future data trends and current data will transform as an opportunity for future business growth. At Sparsh, we offer the most suitable data insights by implementing advanced methods like statistics, machine learning, operations research, cognitive science, business intelligence and cognitive science.

Taking Future Decisions


Are you trying to check what type of business data you have and how it would help while taking future decisions for your business growth? Simply by clicking on “Get Quote button” on our Sparsh communications website, you can reach us for top quality data science solutions for your business.

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