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Businesses is all about the data and it is the force behind any decision that is taken in a firm and is therefore of great significance. Data on its own probably cannot do much, but when combined with analytics it could be a great motivational force for a firm, helping in their growth and progress. Big data analytics is the future of businesses tomorrow. This big data can be used by the firms to analyze and determine the crucial business decisions.

Sparsh communications your go to big data analytics solution provider, which helps break down the data and implement analytics to drive your business ahead. We also ensure that you gain the right insights and realize new paths which can result in better outcomes. Our experts help reduce your time in decision making and lower costs tremendously.

Business analytics
Translate the business problem into the appropriate types of data and perform analysis and provide clear insights
Data architecture and management
Obtaining and manipulating datasets for analysis, develop infrastructure from secure on-premise solutions to deploying analytics on a private or public cloud
Data science and modelling
Developing decision models, using of advanced analytics tools, spatial analysis, visualization, statistical and machine learning techniques
AI based process automation
Taking output from analysis, enabling the business owner to fully understand and apply the insight from strategic decision making to AI based process automation.


There has been a boost in the IoT technology over the last few years and has been in use largely since then in various systems. IoT stands for Internet of Things and is an amalgamation of physical devices which have been embedded with software bits, such as sensors and the way they share and transfer data. This game changing technology is used in applications across all domains, be it smart home systems, engineering industries, tracking systems and more.

Sparsh communications helps with your various IoT requirements, along with providing real time solutions for better connectivity, interpretation, analysis and extraction of smart data. Our expertise lies in the smart homes, asset tracking, connected parks, safety & security, parking and more.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been around for quite a while now, but it is up to us to realize its potential and work on it accordingly. AI can totally revamp and transform the future of your business. An overall business refinement can be done by involving AI into your process and we will assist you with that.

AI can be a bit of a task if not handled properly, therefore our team of professionals at Sparsh Communications has the right capability to tap the potential of AI and make it more useful for your firm in the long run. We can help your business grow better by implementing AI for innovative solutions, sales boosts and more.

Machine learning can be seen as a section of Artificial Intelligence, where the computers are fed in with algorithms which they learn from and perform certain tasks. The programmers required need to have great expertise and experience in writing codes for it to work and we at Sparsh communications are endowed with such resources. It is also a much faster and a cost effective approach compared to others around.

Our team can help come up with solutions which will help with predictions, track purchasing habits, detecting anomalies and more such things. We use a combination of big data and artificial intelligence, along with machine learning to come up with efficient systems for various domains.