Real Estate and Property Management System

Real Estate & Property Management System is an end-to-end software application that organizes the complete real estate asset and investment management Lifecycle and offers to deliver more informed investment strategies, smart analytics, measurement, full transparency and intelligent performance.

Sparsh Communications provides the complete solution for managing and developing your commercial real estate portfolio. Indeed, thousands of the industry’s leading owners, managers, financial institutions and brokerages trust us to develop the visibility and flow of information throughout their critical business processes. Hence, these processes include property management, portfolio management, forecasting, reporting, asset valuation, lease management and budgeting.

With Sparsh Communications you can:

  • Build more transparency across your property portfolio and in investment decisions.
  • Regulate construction and maintenance costs more strongly and fulfill with appropriate regulations.
  • Save money on expense leases and increase profits from income leases.
  • Enhance space utilization and report on energy consumption.
  • Reduce the time of development.
  • Lower your project cost and risk.
  • Manage an unrestricted number of properties from one location.
  • Increase proficiency in managing site selection, acquisition, due diligence and initial design.

Property Management:

Sparsh Communications provides property management software allows you to manage your complete commercial real estate Lifecycle to enhance the essential value of your properties. But, for companies managing smaller sized portfolios or large global enterprises with cross-border assets, Sparsh offers end-to-end property and financial management for enhanced property and asset management across trade, office and industrial real estate asset classes.

Sparsh provides the following elements:

  • Browser agnostic property management software platform with full mobile access.
  • Initiatives workforce efficiency and decreases spreadsheet dependency with automated processes, workflows, dashboards and notifications.
  • Allows fast completion of tasks throughout the complete property management Lifecycle
  • Increases decision-making and informs your property and portfolio strategies with real-time analytics that highlight risk.
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