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Internet of things (IoT) is a game-changing technology in recent years. With a host of sensors and machine to machine (M2M) connectivity, it is likely that around 20 billion of devices are might be connected and it is expected to drive everything: from asset tracking to enabling smart homes and redefining communication in power, gas, oil and utility industries. The IoT team of Sparsh Communications offers a wide range services in the internet of things and machine to machine (M2M) domains.

Sparsh Communications, Internet of Things development team is a trustable partner for your IoT design requirements and it also offers real-time solutions, helping organizations with the connectivity, analysis, interpretation and the extraction of smart data for making smart business decisions in the IoT world.

Our Products:

  • Framework related to Device Enablement
  • IoT Middleware Platform
  • Service Management Framework
  • Data Analytics

Framework related to Device Enablement:

Sparsh Communications comprehensive and multipurpose M2M Enable Framework is scalable, efficient and lightweight for connecting a number and variety of devices from IoT Middleware platforms and industry verticals. For Using Z-Wave, ZigBee, WI-FI, BLE, 6LoWPAN, RS232, the framework supports bidirectional communication. Connectivity related to access and short-range wireless protocols using satellite, cellular networks and broadband. To any gateway box this framework can be ported.

The Framework’s SDK works with a variety of devices- such as actuators, sensors, appliances and meters and from these devices manage all types of data.

The Benefits and Features of this Framework related to Device Enablement include

  • Secure & Smart Device Enablement that is simple with secure remote deployment.
  • Connectivity supports 3G, 4G-LTE WAN, Satellite and Wi-Fi networks for PAN.
  • Device discovery that is automated based on PAN and simplified Portability that includes memory footprint that is minimized for easy portability to any gateway box.
  • Security includes an authentication related device for secure data transmission and access control that is role-based.
  • Scalability for any business verticals that supports or variety of actuators and sensors and volume.

Added to all above Reliability, Interoperability, Deployment Scenarios and Management of Legacy Devices add more value.

IoT Middleware Platform:

Internet of things (IoT) and Machine to machine (M2M) continue to be growing technology sector that is expected to deploy billions of interconnected devices to serve users. The ecosystem related to IoT is significantly large with user-centric applications on one end and with Actuators and sensors on the other end.

Sparsh Communications is one of the early adopters of ETSI’s M2M Standards in the form of various service capability layers(SCLs), that enables many component-level standards under one umbrella and which helps to address the entire gamut of the ecosystem related to IoT.

The Features & Benefits include

M2M Service & Telcos Providers

For connectivity that includes Unified Middleware platform that acts server related to data acquisition.

Hardware & OEMs Developers

Interfaces that are open, help OEMs to develop solutions that are connected faster.

System Integrators

With actuators and sensors they converge enterprise apps such as ERP, CRM, BCP etc.

Cloud & Mobile Developers

With normalizing data modeling and definition rapid and easy deployment.

Data Analysts and Scientists

Using Big data from devices and users build problem-centric solutions.


Deploy and bring a variety of devices effectively and smoothly.

Service Management Framework

Sparsh Communications addresses the specialized services to support different verticals such as security, home automation, automobile and such many others. Across Control, device interaction and monitoring, managing the user experience. Deployment cost of new services and reduce time to market Service Management Framework is a perfect platform that enables enterprises and telecom operators to manage millions of devices effectively and efficiently.

Data Analytics

M2M (Machine 2 Machine) Technology in connecting world will help to bring vendors, people, organizations and process together. The vital importance of big, data is that it helps to hold useful and real insights related to business. Through data analysis, the success in identifying business insights is very much possible. Sparsh Communications Data analytics framework enables the real business insights from huge and large data that are generated from sensors, connected devices, machine logs, network elements, REST messages and from any other sources.

Sparsh Communications Framework can be used by many business verticals in the world of IoT. Expertise of Sparsh Communications big data includes M2M integration, machine learning, batch analytics event processing, real-time batch, graph analysis, real-time processing and predictive analytics. Added to this Substantial Cost Savings, Improved Decision Making, Machine Learning, New Revenue streams and Substantial Cost Savings are the benefits.

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