Legal Industry applications

The Sparsh Communications platform combines in one place by using one database with all the different legal software applications required by a law firm. It constantly connects every data point via the client profile, hence transforming every person, assignment and business process into an active customer service agent. This allows the delivery of a highly adapted, instant and reliable customer understanding for clients, associates and law office staff across all channels anytime and anywhere.

In addition to providing legal applications, it has been designed to share data and applications across a sophisticated suite of built-in legal software collaboration tools such as legal online services that deliver self-service and self-assessment functionality in Sparsh. This, combined with the Platform’s capability to consume and present highly personalized content, enables law firms to transform the delivery of legal services and increase the efficiency of their back office operation with our multi-award winning legal software.

Sparsh Communications, has effectively executed state of the art high-end architecture solutions like legal community information portal, and solicitors for the law offices or firms, solicitors, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, government agencies, client-cases & document management for law offices and universities. The solutions range from an enterprise-wide client-server to web based ASP managed services as well as the mobile computing and information storage. Finally, fast, clean and precise production in formats to suit your clients’ needs, like PDFs, native file formats, TIFFs and load files for downstream litigation management.

You can make more informed decisions with the help of the Sparsh Communications comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

  • Legal Research: We provide Legal Research which assists you to put applicable and important information in context to determine the most effective strategy when researching your case.
  • Litigation solutions: Sparsh Communications give complete e-discovery and litigation management solutions that work together.
  • Business insight and Intelligence: We also provide Insight and intelligence to business activities offering our customers new ways to recognize their operations, their competition, their clients and their industries.
  • Litigation Research: There is also Litigation Research Portfolio in our organization, which provides you the major collection of court documents, verdicts and settlements and understandings on professional witnesses, judges and attorneys.

Our proficiency at increasing proven custom built electronic discovery software solution allows our clients to quickly recognize applicable content for litigation, investigations and regulatory response projects, thereby protecting valuable time and money for case strategy and preparation.

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