IoT Solutions

Smart Home

The need for safety, security, convenience, solutions related to energy efficiency, control systems in regard to lighting, entertainment systems and sensor-based home appliances are very high.

  • Addressing the needs of smart home market, savings in time and energy of customers. Sparsh Communications Smart Home provides end-end IoT solution.
  • Mobile and Web applications for B2C and B2B customers in managing the services and devices.
  • Data Analytics helps in decisions related to business for telco customers, Telcos, facility management, real estate and building owners.

Safety & Security

For better control over reduced costs, public safety, increased situational, awareness and information and improved productivity safety and security standards are constantly on rise.

Sparsh Communications smart solution safety and security is a comprehensive, integrated security product and provides end-to-end safety and to address the needs of safety and security related to public we provide a fully customizable solution.

Sparsh Communications smart safety and Security Solution help following customers:

  • Manufacturers related to Wireless device
  • Government Organizations
  • Internet of things(IoT) OEMs
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • M2M network operators
  • M2M application and solution providers
  • Security and Safety agencies and infrastructure providers

Connected Parks

Sparsh Communications connected parks is a comprehensive and integrated, end-to-end solution that helps in providing personalized customer experience that is world class through wearables and smartphones.
Some of the advantages include

  • Safety and Security
  • Visitor Management that is Enhanced
  • Swift Medical Assistance
  • Intelligent Point of Sale
  • Location- Based Services

Asset Tracking

In a time and secure manner, Organizations intend to keep track of their assets that are critical and this type of assets include equipment, people or high value assets.

Sparsh Communications offerings include:

Sparsh communications offers Asset Tracking, smart and location-based tracking solution a comprehensive and integrated M2M solution that uses GPS and sensors to help organizations to enhance their value of their valuable assets

Sparsh Communications Tracking solutions are perfectly suited for

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Emergency service provides
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Mining Organizations
  • Animal-based business
  • M2M network operators
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Government organizations
  • Internet of things (IoT) OEMs

Street Lighting

Undoubtedly, the requirement of Street lighting has been increasing at an aggressive rate and by 2025 it is expected to grow by 340 million. Smart Street lighting is one of the effective internet of things (IoT) solutions that will enable safety, security, cost effectiveness and mostly energy efficiency.

The Street lighting solution is used for

  • M2M network operators
  • Municipal and government entities
  • Internet of things(IoT) OEMs
  • Wireless device manufacturers.
  • System Integrators


Making available parking spaces around areas related to the business is a great challenge. With efficient and intelligent parking solutions, there is a need for well-planned parking areas

Sparsh Communications offerings:

Sparsh Communications involves mobile phone-based, sensors and systems related to automated payments that will enable the people to predict accurately the availability of parking spaces.

Sparsh Communications smart parking is a solution for:

  • M2M network operators
  • Wireless Device Manufacturers
  • Municipal and government entity
  • System Integrators
  • Internet of things(IoT) OEMs

Waste Management

Globally Waste management has become one of the most challenging task that present cities have to deal with. There lies the need and importance of smarter waste management systems that will overcome the challenges of traditional methods that are used in Waste management.

Sparsh Communications Waste Management is a perfect solution for:

  • M2M network operators
  • Municipal and government entities
  • Internet of things(IoT) OEMs
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • System Integrators
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