Finance & Insurance

Sparsh Communications has successfully provided multifarious transformational projects to Insurance and financial services firms, which specific positions us to deliver large, business-critical and complex projects across the value chain. We engage with clients as a “Reliable Partner” and enthusiastically work with them to understand certain needs and projected business results, leveraging our deep domain expertise and technology capabilities to deliver dedicated business value.

We develop and organize complete Finance& Insurance software solutions for various institutions that need to process a multitude of businesses, to conduct ongoing operations. In fact, Finance and Insurance Solutions provided by Sparsh are qualitative and professional services which are designed according to the customer expectations. Certainly, the client gets the flexibility to select for an updated technology platform. Certainly, we are fully focused on smooth conversion and migration to modern platforms on data and logic core processes of your business. Moreover, over the years, we have developed financial applications and have vast experience in web-enabling services.

These financial and insurance solutions are delivered by professionals who are highly knowledgeable and are aware of the technologies that would create the competitive edge for the enterprise in Sparsh Communications. Indeed, our success layers range from customer acquisition portals to claims transformation and actuarial modelling to distribution management. Sparsh helps organizations increase customer and agency retention by improving their capabilities, allowing multiple self-service channels while simultaneously driving down costs.

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