ERP Solutions

The integration of so many management aspects indicates that a refined level of planning is required for an ERP implementation. Indeed, ERP Software allows management to take full control of the process of business and help it to implement mechanisms to challenge all issues.

Sparsh ERP Applications are a Multi-Tier application that works seamlessly over LAN and the Internet. It operates with incredible speed when it is required to update data from remote locations over the internet in real time. However, our ERP Systems enabling users to run statistical models, extract, analyze data and generate business intelligence reports. Our ERP team members are highly motivated professionals with a high level of expertise and knowledge of ERP interfaces, the technology and communication of our terminals.

Our ERP solutions allow us to accommodate your requirements and link seamlessly with other systems as required; so that whatever the size of your company and whichever system you choose, the end result will be better control of your numbers to provide enlarged efficiency, profitability and competitiveness. The key is to improve a technology solution that will support day-to-day management and contribute to your planning process and allow you to take gain of ever-evolving technologies.

Sparsh ERP Systems includes the major modules precisely planned for Small and Medium enterprises. New web technology facilitated us to integrate terminal functionalities and data processing into an advanced overall system. Our ERP software’s are all about re-aligning the Business Processes to ERP solutions and introducing Industry Best Practices through Bench Marking Exercises, thus supporting clients to succeed the much desirable ‘Competitive advantage to Raise’.

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