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RPA Case Study

Business Problem: It is common practice in hospitality industry that, some hotel room rates include Breakfast and some rates are without breakfast. It’s a great challenge at the F & B entrance for the F & B staff to find out the guest and check the room number and enquire that he is eligible for free breakfast or not. Some mid-level hotels have a practice of asking the customer for room number before entering the breakfast buffet area. Some hotel practice issuing out vouchers to the breakfast and guest must present this voucher at the entrance of the F & B area.

But all these work-arounds are somewhat against the hospitality rules as the guests should feel a smooth and professional approach of handling throughout the stay and should enjoy the stay at the hotel.

Solution: Sparsh provided a perfect solution using RPA and AI & face recognition technologies

At the Check-In counter, at the time of guest check-in, system will capture the photograph of the guest using high resolution web-cam and at the F & B entrance, while the guest enters in to the F&B dining area, the high-resolution camera recognizes the guest face and sends that picture to the Software Robot. Robot will then connect to the hotel guest database, verifies, validates and extracts the eligibility of the guest and sends a message to the waiters and cashiers of the F & B outlet with the Photograph and breakfast information and credit limits etc.

Using this approach, the Cashiers will automatically know the breakfast eligibility and hence they can offer a smoother service without much interaction with the customer and they can provide high quality service and focus more on the food quality, guest tastes and favorite dishes etc. to serve him / her better in future.