Application maintenance

Today, application maintenance is an overwhelming task for enterprises. They are under pressure to decrease expands on maintenance, while confirming the enhanced performance of their IT systems and applications.

Sparsh Communications cooperates with customers to know their business, processes, technology and applications while providing robust application maintenance solutions. Our solutions assist customers to decrease cost, minimize risk and succeed developed ROI from their IT applications. In fact, our solutions range from setting up a support organization, enhancing the application portfolio and recognizing the right applications for outsourcing.

The Sparsh’s Application maintenance methodology includes:

  • Adaptive maintenance,
  • Preventive maintenance,
  • Corrective maintenance and
  • Perfective maintenance.

Our wide-ranging methodology for application maintenance captures the functionality and procedures for the complete maintenance life cycle. But, while engaging constant support services for your applications, you should be confident that the right fix is being applied at the accurate time.

We have a verified methodology for application maintenance, including application support, technical and functional support for present and ongoing enhancements. We begin with corrective maintenance, progressing to adaptive and perfective maintenance. Our years of experience certify that these maintenance services enhance application stability, reduce total-cost-of-ownership, lower support costs and navigate continuous service quality enhancements.

With the help of Sparsh Communications, the companies can overcome the following challenges:

  • Allocation from legacy system to a new technology platform;
  • Improve lifecycle management of key business processes with software.
  • Associating and maintaining critical core systems
  • Inaccuracy tracking and debugging
  • Data excavating and migration of new business services;
  • End User help desk support
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Application improvements and enhancement
  • Decrease development costs
  • Application Performance Tuning

Sparsh has facilitated its clients to reduce their costs without sacrificing value, quality or time-to-market – all while allowing our clients’ core R&D resources to concentrate on strategic business initiatives.

We Deliver:

  • Service packs release and patch tracking: Our Release Management services will provide regularly scheduled point releases whose content is driven by business value prioritization for maximized ROI.
  • Defect Resolution: Our defect resolution services will identify, prioritize, and fix existing system deficiencies to increase application performance and functionality, business agility, and to reduce cost.
  • Enhancements: Forward/backward porting to merge enhancements with the core product development efforts. Sparsh will help you prioritize and optimize system enhancements to be strategically aligned with your strategic business needs.
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